Dry Anaerobic Digestion of Sweet Corn Waste: Pilot Scale Study


หัวเรื่อง :  Dry Anaerobic Digestion of Sweet Corn Waste: Pilot Scale Study
เจ้าของผลงาน :  Sasithorn Saipa
เจ้าของผลงานร่วม :   Rotjapun Nirunsin, Chayanon Sawatdeenarunat
คำสำคัญ :   Dry anaerobic digestion, Sweet corn waste, Biogas
หน่วยงาน :  Department of Renewable Energy Engineering School of Renewable Energy, Maejo University Chiang Mai 50290, Thailand
คำอธิบาย :  Sweet corn wastes (i.e. corn cobs, corn husks, and corn seeds) are an appropriate substrate for anaerobic digestion to produce gaseous biofuels such as biogas. In this study, the pilot-scale dry anaerobic digestion was performed in batch mode. Corn cobs, corn husks and corn seeds were chopped with an agricultural cutting machine to approximately 5–10 mm length and pre-acidified at ambient temperature for 72 h. The proportion of corn cobs, corn husks and corn seeds were 54:44:2 by weight. Ratio of substrate and inoculum (S/I) was 1:6 (w/v) with an initial total solid content of 20%. The reactor was operated at ambient temperature. The results showed that the removal efficiency of COD, TS and VS were 83.33%, 61.58% and 62.77%, respectively. pH ranged between 6.78 and 7.24 and the temperature was between 24.3 and 44.3˚C which indicates mesophilic condition. The accumulated and daily biogas production were 3,327.38 and 419.66 liters, respectively. The accumulated and daily methane production were 1,672.88 and 228.72 liters, respectively. In addition, the average biogas and methane yield were 0.59 and 0.30 L/g VSadded, respectively. The biogas compositions at the optimal condition were 56.8% methane (CH4), 43.1% carbon dioxide (CO2), 0.1% oxygen (O2) and 78 ppm hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The information obtained from this study could effectively use as a guideline for operating a dry anaerobic digester of sweet corn wastes.
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