Anesthesiologist role in achalasia patients: review article


หัวเรื่อง :  Anesthesiologist role in achalasia patients: review article
เจ้าของผลงาน :  Somchai Amornyotin
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คำสำคัญ :   anesthesia, achalasia, anesthesiologist, endoscopy, laparoscopic
หน่วยงาน :  Department of Anesthesiology, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok
คำอธิบาย :  Achalasia is a disorder of esophageal motility characterized by an incomplete or absent esophagogastric junction relaxation associated with loss of peristalsis or uncoordinated contractions of esophageal body in response to swallowing. Various treatment modalities include pharmacotherapy, injection of botulinum toxin, endoscopic pneumatic dilatation, per-oral esophageal myotomy and esophagectomy. However, these procedures need some forms of anesthesia. Importantly, proper patient selection and preparation, appropriate monitoring and prevention of complications as well as anesthetic management during and after the procedures are needed.
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